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    The Kickstarter for my H.P. Lovecraft art zine, “PUFFED SHOGGOTHS”, is LIVE! Spread the word, donate if you can! You’ll have my undying love and support! We have some killer incentives lined up for those who donate!

    Only you can bring about the return of the old ones!

    One of my favourite illustrators, Sam Heimer, has contributed an amazing new tier to the “Puffed Shoggoths” incentives! For $1000 you will get a 20+ hour ink rendition by Sam Heimer, portraying the donator having relations with an Innsmouth deep one. The sinister Captain Obed Marsh will be pictured cheering you on and spraying your twisted bodies with booze. In addition, you’ll get a number of prizes from the lower tiers, such as: A perfect-bound copy of the ‘Puffed Shoggoths’ zine, a digital copy of the zine, your choice of sticker set, your choice of art print, and a custom colour painting of a Lovecraft monster of your choice by me, Trevor Henderson.

    And the kickstarter for the zine right HERE!

    And take a look at Sam Heimer’s amazing work on his website:

    I’d be so happy if someone went for this amazing prize.

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